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  • Was a child born in your family recently and has your life been turned upside down after it?

  • Are you trying to bring him/her up your way, trusting your own intuition, heart, knowledge and consequently your family relations have been turned upside down?

  • The number one silliness of your children is to hang upside down?

At least one YES means that we have something in common and that we can share our views here.


A few years ago, I started to go through inner changes in my life; I hoped that these changes would inspire and give courage to people close to me. This happened after two defining life periods. The first involved two years of an uphill climb with uncertain results in the office of the Vice Prime Minister of Economic Affairs, with the aim of redirecting public funding into science and education. In the following one, I was getting new inspiration from an international study program at UC Berkeley Ext. in California.

When I came back to the Czech Republic, it was not long before I left the government office to start the project Upside Down. As a mother of two, I published various feuilletons with practical tips on how to go through, with respect and empathy, life situations concerning parents and their relations to their kids and close ones. In my essays I describe an alternative to the everyday social stereotypes around raising kids.

Together with Petra Marková from Natural Synergy Publishing, I published a book with CD called “Baboo the Baby Elephant and the Sharing Puzzle”. The story deals with the fact that one size doesn’t always fit all. Recently I worked on an application for iPad inspired by my book, “Baboo Story” (www.baboostory.com). At the moment I am working on an illustrated lullaby, “Night Night Baby Heart”, while organizing discussion sessions for parents about respect and empathy towards kids.

The author: Lenka and Petr Míkovec

Translation: Petra Antevasin Bicanová and Lenka Mikovcová


We are interested in your experiences, troubles and delights. Even we are still searching for the best way, to bring up our children.
Let us know!