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Unforced reading

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To make your child start reading, he needs to be interested in reading. Before learning the alphabet or even a few letters, an advertisement can help. Thanks to pictograms, signs, symbols, names of products, etc.–incredibly colourful.

Specifically for children, you should read every label which is in any way interesting. For example: the warning or alert at the beginning of a fairy-tale DVD, on the child’s chair or other products. The contents of their favourite cereal, pictograms that describe the function of the product for example: “not suitable for children 3 years old or younger”, “building site, no entry”, etc. Soon we notice the kids start to read themselves and consequently begin to recognise writing in other places.

You can also print some logos and pictograms to play picture-lotto. The easier version is to let your kid hold one card and find the second one on the table. Describe the pictogram or logo.

Feuilleton about reading: I can only go here on a leash.