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The next number please! How to say that you want something at 6 weeks of age?

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You know what I mean or you soon will. The first two months consist of “only” breastfeeding your little nipper, smooching and resolving “farties”. Even if it doesn’t seem so, everything around interests him. And if you want to see a specific display of his interest, you might show him pictures for example. And that is possible only when he stays awake for at least a little while.

I had no idea that at 6 weeks Kryštof would be able to “say”: “I’ve had enough of this number five”, “Show me another number” and “I really like that eight”. In the first case, Kryštof turned around in his basket as if he was lying on a cockroach. In the second case, he intently looked in my eyes and waved his hands, as if he was directing an entire orchestra. And all that repeated all over again when I showed him big black and white pictures from about 40 cm away. Numbers, geometrical shapes or simply lines. We eliminated chance. Kryštof displayed the same thing reaction for grandpa and grandma.

It made me feel good not only by supporting him in enhancing his sight and training his memory, but mainly by letting him think about things, which I understood as well. Until then, I knew of caring for a child only from handbooks. We communicated together about something which didn’t directly relate toward satisfying his basic needs and it was apparent that it really interested him.

The pictures gradually became a motivation for Kryštof to turn around, crawl a bit, grab, rip, sign and even talk. It cost us “nothing”, but the benefit was huge.

1st November 2011

Author: Lenka Míkovcová

Translation: Marek Hubbell