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Tears of joy from butter Strong memories and small things

FeuilletonLenka Míkovcová5 yearsRespect and be Respectedfamilysafesecureschoolslice of breadmemoriesheartgrandmabutterMarek Hubbelltears

It was good at grandma’s. Still now, tears blurred his vision when they recall her. The private flat, which used to fell safe and secure. He used to look forward to going there every Friday afternoon. After school, he got on a tram and he was at grandma’s in no time. He arrived just to get a snack and was 100% sure about one thing - there would always be a slice of bread with butter and a heart drawn on it by a knife.

The strongest memories are the small things. Things that don’t cost anything, they aren’t made of gold and we cannot buy them anywhere. We often see them at grandmas, grandpas, aunts….

Written with inspiration from stories of the course Respect and be respected 2013

Author: Lenka Míkovcová Translation: Marek Hubbell