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Nursery Rhyme LullabyNight Night Baby Heart

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The lullaby calms kids down before sleep by describing what the child sees, hears and feels. The illustrations bring kids brightness and joy, page by page.

Night Night Baby Heart is a nursery rhyme lullaby for kids five and under. Written by Lenka Mikovcova and illustrated by Vera Ema Tataro (1966- 2017)

The book is inspired by the children’s book “Good Night Moon” (M. Wise Brown, illustrated by C. Hurd), going beyond. It describes not only what the child might see around him/her, but also helps the child become aware of sounds and its feelings.

Lullaby works with the reality that kids are afraid of the dark sometimes. Hence, the illustrations bring kids brightness and joy.

There are thirteen big (two sites) illustrations in the book.

The calming rhythm of the text opens it to a musical interpretation. Kids love to hear parents sing them to fall asleep peacefully.


“The lullaby “Night Night Baby Heart” has a poetic spirit. Its rhythm calms and soothes, connecting kids with their inner space step by step. The text flows with lightness, fresh and playful. The opening phrase of every verse, “Night, night”, develops kids’ imagination, especially their vision of calm night color. The illustrations go hand in hand with the poetry of the text, at the same time giving kids space for their fantasies. With each shade of blue, the illustrations lead to brightness and peace.”

PhDr. Eva Bendová, Ph.D, Curator, Prague, Czech Republic

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