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DJ on four wheels The song in the car seat

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You know what I mean. Getting a child in a car seat can often be an impossible task. Arching like a bow and slipping to the floor is a trick every child is born with. Before getting into the seat, there is also the possibility of looking through the glove compartment, turning the steering wheel, trying the trunk latch, etc. All this can drive you mad when you’re trying to get into the car quickly and go somewhere.

Your salvation can only be realized in music. When Kryštof was about two years old, we found out that if, before getting into the car, we interested him in picking a song, which will then be played in the car, he will be instantly occupied by singing or naming the entire list from his “music library”. Then there was no opportunity for protests against getting into the car seat. Sometimes we gravitate towards playing his favourite music before getting him in the car, but the effect is similar. There is singing and no protesting :-). Eliška joined the picking when she was about a year old.

The choosing of songs in the car continues. All of us take turns in picking and sometimes we virtually dedicate a song to someone.

1st July 2011

Author: Lenka Míkovcová

Translation: Marek Hubbell


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