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“D” like dinosaur With an alphabet along the way

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We are embarking on a difficult journey—two kilometres along a frozen mountainous road, where even buses travel. I took Eli (1 year old) in a baby carriage and Kryštof (3 years old) in a backpack on my back. After a few minutes in the backpack he starts twisting and turning and wants out. I had to entertain him in a way that kept him from moving so I wouldn’t fall backwards.

The songs and poems ran out, so next came the alphabet. “P” like poo, pony, parrot, “F” like fart, fire, fork,…. Kryštof couldn’t stop laughing. One of the three words was always something “delicate” which got to him.

The second more complex version was: “S” like see that “P” pinecone? “T” like today the “S” like sun is shining, for “U” like us,….

…..and then suddenly I heard: “D” like dinosaur. I nearly fell down. Kryštof understood it and even added to it.

It was a game out of distress, but it worked. Kryštof sat and didn’t twist and turn. Besides that, the game also laid foundation to further “reading” of captions, signs, logos,…. And of course even, in the future, learning the alphabet and reading.

April 2011

Author: Lenka Míkovcová

Translation: Marek Hubbell