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Communication, Infants 0-6 Months

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To do list from the book Bright from the Start, Jill Stamm, Gotham Books

  • Use parentese intentionally to stimulate distinct language-proccessing areas of the brain and extend infant’s attention span.

  • Talk frequently all day long, describe actions and objects that are encountered in the daily routine (while dressing, changing, feeding, shopping, cleaning, preparing meals, etc.)

  • Modulate voice and facial expressions and vary intonation to match levels of enthusiasm, amotion and meaning.

  • Talk face-to-face at a distance at which infant can clearly see your mouth and facial expressions as you speak.

  • Use a second language naturalistically if you are bilingual.

  • Introduce music at different times throughout the day and sing simple songs.

  • Hang photos for the infant to look at while in a crib, carriage, car seat, or on the floor to encourage early visual discrimination.


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