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Bathroom massacre the end for germs and children’s fleas

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I don’t know when it began, but I do know how. I was trying to persuade Kryštof to stop wearing a diaper and that he could start peeing and pooping in the toilet. He would have none of it. So I tried making it more interesting by telling a story, much like when he was getting dressed. We started talking about how “it” (the poo) falls into the toilet and then falls and falls through a dark hole all the way under the street, where it falls into the sewer full of water and in that water, then it flows down into the cleaning station where it’s destroyed by chemistry.

It didn’t work for pooping into the toilet, but it did for washing hands. Since then, every time we washed our hands, we told this “story”. Now I tell Eliška the same story to good effect. Over time, we added information about jaundice and other diseases, which can be caused by dirty hands. Kryštof requires only the mention of nice smelling hands. I doubt that he’d wash them if I explicitly told him to go wash them. After all, he is an individual and needs the feeling that he decided for himself.

Together with Kryštof, we also came up with a weapon against child’s fleas. He decided that he wanted to let his hair grow and it shortly needed combing. At first, he didn’t understand what combing is good for. However, after examining a biological enlarged picture of a flea and after reading what the flea can cause on a child’s head, we took up the comb.

Needless to say, a story was required. After the first comb stroke there is an audible groan coming from the fleas when Kryštof’s combing demolishes their houses and destroys their building supplies gathered at lunch or while he‘s laying around on the ground. Absolute destruction ensues when a little bit of consolidator is used to stiffen the hairstyle. The flea is either completely demolished or is searching for a new prey.

Author: Lenka Míkovcová

Translation: Marek Hubbell