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With respect and empathy towards my kids and myself.

Inspiration for parents who want to enrich their life with their children. How to live with them, go along with them, give them freedom, independence and responsibility.


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    • "FORGET YOUR INNER SHERLOCK" Focus on children's needs and cooperation

      How to stop kids from fighting without a bitter taste of injustice? WHY I BELIEVE IN THIS? • Becouse children need to feel they are OK even if they made a mistake • Becouse children are learning social skills • Becouse I believe in possitive attitude and uncondi…

    • Book "Night Night My Baby Heart" Nursary Rhyme Lullaby

      Lullaby Trailer Published in Czech 2019. Available here. “Night Night My Baby Heart” is a nursery rhyme lullaby for children five and under. Written by Lenka Bergmann Mikovcova (http://www.upsidedowncz.com/upside-down-article) and illustrated by Vera Ema Tatar…

    • About MeWondering if you’re in the right place?

      Was a child born in your family recently and has your life been turned upside down after it? Are you trying to bring him/her up your way, trusting your own intuition, heart, knowledge and consequently your family relations have been turned upside down? …

    • A little Red-Indian girl from the highlands Or when I´m listening to my children

      We were playing the Red-Indians with the children this week. We stayed at the highlands chalet by the woods collecting the crushwood and wood for the fire that we sat by when the evening came, playing drums and singing. We were walking barefoot, small feathers pleated in…

    Inspiration for parents who want to enrich their life with children.

    Instructions on how to get along with them, enrich them and use their full potential.

    • Games

      The breeding ground for the child’s little brain. A genius, a virtuoso, a dancer, an architect or a scientist – They all need the same things in the beginning. “A mom, milk, a puppet…” In other words the feeling of safety, someone close, the ability to concentrate, play and communicate. Tips on how to play from 0 to 5 years old.

    • Feuilletons

      Have your kids gotten to you? Do they have you wrapped around their finger? Short, easily digestible reading about every common trouble a parent can have. And most of all a few tricks about how to outwit them – get them into the car seat, dress them without a fuss,… And all while respecting their individuality and free will.

    • Library

      Our favourite clever books, useful sources of information, CDs and DVDs, which will entertain your children. Links to other websites, which inspire. Favourite children’s books etc.

    • Upside Down

      Do you want to keep your composure, but are you also interested in the mind of your children? Believe me, the first five years of their life is the most important time in terms of brain development. After birth, the brain is at 25% of the adult size. Before the second birthday, it’s already 75%. At five years of age, it’s almost the equal mass and weight of an adult – 90%.